They say variety is the spice of life and Auntie Boo’s eclectic cabaret show is as saucy as it gets! 

Fresh off the Fringe circuit in Adelaide and Perth, we caught up with the Hostess with the Mostest herself to go behind the scenes of this exciting new addition to the Muster program in 2020.

Where are you from and how did you become a performer?

I’m English, from Coventry in the Midlands in the UK. I moved to London and professionally trained as an actress. I got tired of playing roles that ended with me crying or dying, so I started performing musical comedy instead.

During my time in London, I worked at Tiffany’s the jewellers in the call centre – you know because I’m an actress – and I worked with loads of Aussies. They convinced me to come to Australia, so I applied for a work visa and two weeks later, I was here. That was in 2009.

How long have you been performing?

Darling, a long time – 20 years. I love it and it changes all the time.

What do you love about performing?

I love the feelings you get when you go to see a show. I also love that through the industry, I’ve met friends and family. I met my husband at a festival and my kids are circus kids. Musical comedy is fun and when you’re on stage, you feel alive. I’m naturally a little bit of an introvert and a bit socially anxious, but on stage, I’m definitely an extravert. When you’re with a good team of people, it doesn’t feel like work, it just feels like fun. Performing has given me everything. And taken away all possible finances!

Have you ever been to Kununurra and the East Kimberley?

Never been in that region, furthest I’ve been was Broome when I was backpacking. We’ve done some research and we are so looking forward to going to Kununurra and performing at the Ord Valley Muster.


Yes, my husband Mick is a stand-up comic and he’s part of the show. He’s also an ultra-marathon runner. I’m not kidding, he loves all that crazy stuff.

What have been some of your favourite gigs?

It’s the weird ones you remember the most. I did a gig at a mine site in South Australia where the make shift stage was made out of scaffolding and lit with flood lights – I even managed to convince two big burly miners to do a burlesque dance on stage!

Another was in the Seychelles performing for an Arab Prince at his playboy mansion. We didn’t know who client was until we got there, but the money was good, so we took a chance. He had a different act performing every night, entertaining models and actors.

What is your show all about?

It’s a variety show. Over the years, I’ve done different types of variety. One of the early ones was TittyBarHaHa, a cabaret act that was vintage inspired. I wanted to bring a bit of vintage into this show, and a meat raffle. When I was picking melons in Ayr in North Queensland, I was taken to the pub for the meat raffle. What on earth is a meat raffle? The concept was so odd, but so awesome!

You have a meat raffle?

We have a genuinely awesome meat raffle during the show. We work with local butchers everywhere we go, which gets the local community involved, and we put together a really good meat tray. We sell raffle tickets and the money raised go towards paying our artists – we can’t be starving artists all the time.

Besides the meat raffle, is there anything else to look out for?

Oh yes. So much, but I’ll make a special mention of Sapphire Snow, she’s so classy, talented and beautiful, keep and eye out for her. And bring your change for the raffle

What can people expect?

A high quality, cheeky, saucy show that’s just on the right side of tongue in cheek.

There’s some burlesque, circus, stand up and cabaret and of course, a real life meat raffle.


Event Details

Thursday 21 May 2020.
The event is strictly 18+ and uses occasional coarse language, smoke effects and sexual references.
Gates open at 6pm with the show running from 7pm – 9pm.


$45 Adults


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